As teachers, we have an awesome responsibility: the music we place in front of our students becomes their curriculum.
- Are they learning?
- Are they achieving?
- Are they enjoying the process, at least most of the time?
- Are we providing the best materials possible to help them on their journey?
Thomas Bough and the Downbeat Design Team want to help you provide your students with the best experience possible. Please follow the links below to learn more.
Concertos for Brass CD Cover
Concertos for Brass: The Music of Thomas Bough
I am truly pleased to announce the production of my first full-length CD, entitled "Concertos for Brass: The Music of Thomas Bough." It will be issued in May of 2014 on the Summit Record label. It will include recordings of my original concerti for horn, euphonium and tuba, plus my transcription of the Neruda Trumpet Concerto in Eb. Continue reading…